NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Shaper Vent Brush -NT-VTS


  • Ceramic coated barrel Heats up faster & retains heat longer Extra large vents maximize airflow Superior & long-lasting hairstyles
  • Hydrates the cuticle Adds more shine to the hair Eliminates frizz & flyaways Anti-static
  • Snag-free ring Easy-grip ergonomic handle Lightweight for effortless styling Retractable sectioning pick
  • Comfortable on hair & scalp
  • For total scalp comfort
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Nanothermic Technology

The Nanothermic Technology of Olivia Garden fulfills three requirements that are necessary for a gentle and nurturing hairstyling on a professional level. It provides an anti-bacterial protection which gives your hair a healthier shine and makes it easier to style.

Tourmaline-Ion Technology

The Tourmaline injection process reduces the static electricity of the hair. The cuticle layer of each hair will be closed and therefore effectively prevent the hair from drying out. This results in a healthy, radiant shine and an easier styling. Ionized brushes offer the best protection, especially for frequent hair drying or the use of heat-based technologies.

Unique bristle Design

Not only the adjustment of the bristles of a brush, but also the design of the bristles itself may have a significant effect. The special wavy shape of the bristles of these Olivia Garden brushes makes them heat-resistant and protects the hair during the hair drying from being exposed to too high temperatures. Rounded and polished soft-tips are gentle on hair and scalp.

Anti-static and Ion charged nylon bristles

Electrostatic charge of the hair is an eternal problem with hair care. As the bristles are most intensively in contact with the hair, they have a decisive importance in this issue. Anti-static, ionized plastic bristles, as by this Olivia Garden brush, prevent effectively the charge of the hair with static electricity for straight and shiny hair. The cuticle layer of each hair will then be closed which effectively prevents the hair from drying out.

Ceramic Barrel

The ceramic coating of the Olivia Garden brushes offers a decisive advantage: The ceramic material ensures that the heat of the hair-dryer is distributed evenly and quickly throughout the brush. Large air holes also ensure a better air flow, resulting in a much faster, more accurate and therefore more gentle styling.

Optimized Air Flow

The hair-drying should ideally be fast with a beautiful and even result – without overheating and drying out the hair. Large air holes in the barrel of Olivia Garden brushes provide a better airflow. Result: a faster and more effective styling

Ergonomic handle

For good grip and safe use, the handle of a brush is very important. It should not slip during the brushing and should fit perfectly in the hand. An ergonomic handle by Olivia Garden with anti-slip material ensures a maximum comfort.

Retractable sectioning pick

For many blow drying and styling techniques, it is important to section the hair. The sectioning pick at the end of the handle of this Olivia Garden brush is perfect for professional sectioning of the hair. Precise styling gets then considerably easier.

Snag-free ring

The Olivia Garden brushes are designed for comfort and perfect handling. Attention is also paid to seemingly irrelevant matters. Not only the bristles are designed for less tangle, even the ring underneath the barrel is self-contained, to prevent the hair from hooking in the ring during the brushing.


When it comes to choosing the correct hairstyling tool, the weight is an important factor. A heavy brush can quickly cause a strain on your wrist, arm and shoulder, especially in case of fancy hairstyling. The lighter a brush, the more comfortable and easier to handle it. Ultra-light brushes by Olivia Garden are made for relaxing and ergonomic styling.


Olivia Garden

Hair Type

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Product Benefits

It provides an anti-bacterial protection which gives your hair a healthier shine and makes it easier to style.


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