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The Origin Story

The Professional world was incorporated by Shubhi Khandelwal Johari in 2012 at a prime location in Delhi with the aim of providing a chain of luxurious salon experiences, best quality hair and skincare products. Ever since then, we have created a reputation for ourselves and earned goodwill for being the best salon chain in the city and known for the premium products and services. Monsoon Salon provides exceptional quality services to our clients, having a staff that has been trained by national and international level trainers, making us one of the best in the country.

The Journey

Unlike Beauty Products for personal use, salon products are more conventional and generic in nature due to their large-scale usage. Most brands used in salons contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful, Johari claims and add that she was keen to bring the goodness of natural ingredients to the salon range. Argatin ( the name comes from argan oil, a key component used in these products) has come up with a line of sulphate free face mask, shampoos and conditioners besides an argan elixir oil designed for hair growth. Although the product range is primarily meant for salon care, retail packages are also sold for home use based on expert recommendations.

The Differentiator

Developing a sustainable beauty range for the B2B space is always challenging as it required striking a balance between cost and quality. More importantly, consumers need to be educated about the efficacy of B2B products the importance of expert advice and how salon care can marry both for desirable at home. Johari has taken up customer education regarding the cost, quality and requirements to ensure optimum beauty care via the salon chain and others.

The Growth

The salon-focussed brand specializing in clean skincare and hair care products currently offers 9 SKUs. Since its launch, it has sold more than 50k products and claims a user base of 30k and counting. Earlier, the B2B product range was mostly sold offline but Argatin has recently started to sell online via its dedicated website and third-party marketplaces and is growing at 30% MOM. The company earned INR 3 Cr in revenue in FY21.

Our Services

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ARGATIN Keratin® is a revolution for the beauty industry. It is a first-of-its-kind smoothing treatment that pioneered the way to healthy, smooth, frizz-free hair for every hair type.

Monsoon Salon

Monsoon Salon as a company is constantly evolving. We are a tech enabled salon chain and work at 30% lower operational costs and performs 20% higher.


ARGATIN Keratin® is a revolution for the beauty industry. It is a first-of-its-kind smoothing treatment that pioneered the way to healthy, smooth, frizz-free hair for every hair type.


A hair care brand which has come up with a solution for every hair type. We have come up with multiple products to fight contrasting hair problems and also cater to different hair needs.

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What's the next step?

The company will expand its SKUs and diversity the product range. it will soon enter new categories such as men’s wellness, baby care and sexual health. Argatin will drive its sales further through live commerce and export to Southeast Asia by 2025.

Special thanks to Manish from Monsoon Saloon . I went for keratin+ smoothening .he really did a perfect job .. i will suggest to visit once and take the service from Mahima Rathore.
Mahima Rathore

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